Comino Blue Lagoon – Waters As Blue As Sky

On our fourth day, we visited Comino, small island of Malta. Malta is formed of three main islands- Malta, Comino and Gozo. Comino is the smallest of all, and except a family of farmers, it is entirely uninhabited. The best part of it is that it has a beautiful crystal clear water beaches! When I say crystal clear, believe me, you can see the rocks on the sea bed 8 metres below! Continue reading

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Valetta – A Capital City With Down To Earth People

Without a visit to Valetta, no one would say Malta’s trip is complete. Valetta is the capital city of Malta, with extraordinary cathedral and churches, magnificent forts, parliament building, administrative offices, bustling squares, shops and  restaurants. It’s a planned city named after Grandmaster Valetta, who saved the city from Ottomans in 15th century. You’ll find various architecture styles, like Mannerist, Neo-Classical and prominently Baroque. Continue reading

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Gozo – a Maltese Island where Time stood still!

Gozo is the second island part of Maltese island landscape. It’s a beautiful, picturesque and serene island full of heritage and richness. We see lot of people living stress free lives on this island, far away from modern stress filled jobs. We encountered few farmers and fishermen alike working calmly! Continue reading

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Spring Integration in 5 minutes!

While browsing my email, accidentally found an email with a link to my talk on Spring Integration talk last year at Skills Matter, London. There’s a link to video of the presentation, please have a look. Well, it may provide you with an introduction to Spring Integration with in no time. Please follow the link if you wish to listen to the presentation (or click on the image).

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Just Spring Updated Version is out!

I am very happy to say that the  revised, re-written and updated version of Just Spring is now ready. Please check on O’Reilly, or As always, do let me know if I have missed anything or you spot a mistake (I’ll buy you a coffee for sure!)

The first edition was quite well received (I am thankful to one and all) – also I am aware of the errors and mistakes. I have been waiting for a suitable opportunity to rewrite the book or rather polish the content.

I love writing during travel – be it a bus, train or a plane. Unfortunately I can’t write if I see no chaos around me. So coffee houses, bustling kiosks, city benches, town centre shopping malls etc are my favourite places.

So when I visited my parents (and my in-laws) during Christmas, I know I what I will be doing. I’ve stuck to the plan and completed the book re-write successfully.

You see, some people can’t survive with out “Social Drama” in their day to day life – if you put them in a town or village where internet is still at its infancy, don’t think they will survive. But I do take that as a blessing – I wouldn’t have completed my book if I have luxury of connecting to the external world (for useless reasons).

Anyway, I got to get back to my fourth installment – this time not in Spring Framework arena. Just Hibernate is for those who are looking for a similar type of simple-sweet-to-the-point book! I am hopeful to get JH to you sooner (do ping me if you wish to get more info on JH or help me with reviews).

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Just Spring Integration is now published!

I am thrilled to say that my second book in the Spring space – titled Just Spring Integration is now out. It is available in print and ebook format. It covers Spring Integration technology – anyone who’s working in this area or interested in learning the technology – I would recommend this book. I’ve tried hard to keep my simple yet powerful philosophy of Just Books series in this title too. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this book and am sure Continue reading

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Just Spring in Top 20 on Amazon!

Just Spring (Core) has achieved unforgettable place – rising to 17th Rank in Java Books category on! It is at #15,000 in overall books category at the time of writing this item. I know ranks are deceiving as they rise or fall every now and then. My only happiness is that the book is being helpful to many. I can’t thank enough to my readers for Continue reading

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Indians – Fat..Fatter..Fattest..

Indians are growing fast – well in building up body fat. The increase in waistlines are due to long hours and erratic eating with no general exercise. Type 2 Diabetes (“Sugar” as they call in India) is on increasing scale. Definitely not everyone falls in this category, but recent reports suggest that rising incomes are related to rising waistlines! Working at the desks for long hours does not help at all – not only from family point but from health point too. We have to get rid of the mis-perception that paunch is a sign of prosperity. Infact it is a sign of  Continue reading

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Free Soft Copy of What’s New in Java 7!

My recent article A look at Java 7’s new features on the new features on Java 7 is available as a soft copy from O’Reilly. It is a FREE download! It is available in ePub, Mobi and Pdf formats. Check out this link to download the copy fro O’Reilly. You can also check out the soft copy from Amazon too. It’s a Kindle version.

Java 7 has a number of features that will please developers. Madhusudhan Konda provides an overview of these, including strings in switch statements, multi-catch exception handling, try-with-resource statements, Continue reading

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